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ArabiSun Lighting System

Image of ArabiSun Lighting System cat. no. SUN-12

ArabiSun cat. no. SUN-12
(configured with lighting system at top of unit; shown with old style reflectors)

Image of ArabiSun bulb showing that reflector detaches for easy bulb replacement

ArabiSun bulbs are compact, state of the art 27-watt electronic fluorescent flood lights with new style detachable reflectors

The ArabiSun is our state of the art fluorescent lighting system for growing plants indoors. The unit provides uniform, high intensity light to a 41 x 46 cm growing area. The ArabiSun consists of a 12-bulb, cool-running light array mounted on an attractive metal cart fitted with a white melamine top and storage basket.
  • Dimensions: 46 W x 53.5 D x 112 H (cm)
  • High-efficiency parabolic reflector design channels light directly onto plants.
  • Long life energy-
    efficient electronic bulbs are rated for 10,000 hours of service.
  • Electronic fluorescent bulbs do not get hot like incandescent or metal halide bulbs. Thus, the ArabiSun can be used in most rooms and offices without adding additional air- conditioning.
  • The recessed mounting of ArabiSun bulbs means there is no distracting glare when viewing unit from the side. Light is directed downward towards the plants.
  • Reusable snap-on reflector offers an economical solution when the bulb needs replacing.
  • Capacity - 180 individual ArabiPatch pots (pool 3 plants per pot and that's 540 plants per cycle or 2,160 plants per year!)
Image of ArabiSun lighting array fixture showing toggle switch location

Four individual three-bulb arrays can be turned on or off independently by means of 4 toggle switches.
Image of ArabiSun drip tray, shelf and casters.
Heavy duty fiberglass drip tray fits under wire mesh shelf to collect spills and litter. Drip tray now slides out easily for easy cleaning.  Heavy-duty casters allow you can move your ArabiSun wherever you need it.
The ArabiSun light array provides 3 times the amount of photosynthetically useful light with minimal heat output. (see Fig. 1 below) as traditional budget systems. Sufficiently high light intensities are  required to produces healthier, fecund plants and healthy plants are a major factor for successful T-DNA transformation.
  • 3 x 4 array of 27 watts 12 lamps provide 312 watts of power (equivalent light output of 2,100 watts of standard incandescent bulbs).
  • Average maximum Photosynthetic Photon Flux (PPF) at 9 inches (23 cm) from light array is about 333 mmol m-2·s-1 (Fig. 1 below), more than adequate for Arabidopsis and many other indoor plants.
  • Regulate daylength by simply plugging unit into a standard mechanical line-voltage timer.
  • Rugged construction throughout, the ArabiSun is built to last.
Image of ArabiSun Lighting System with storage basket located on top
(configured with sliding basket drawer at top of unit, shown with old style reflectors)

The ArabiSun was designed by our founder, Fred Lehle, Ph.D. and is fabricated and distributed exclusively by LEHLE SEEDS in Round Rock, Texas USA .
The ArabiSun's modular design permits you arrange the shelf and lighting array to meet your specific growing application.
  • Shelving and lighting system height is easily adjustable to accommodate a range of plant heights.
  • Heavy duty fiberglass drip pans now slide out for easy cleaning.
  • ArabiSun carts can be attached adjacent to each other, or stacked to maximize light and growth space. See cat. no. SUN-24 below..
  • Use the sliding basket drawer for supplies and equipment. Position the basket on top (left) or bottom of the cart (above) or remove all together for maximum vertical plant-growing space.
Two-tier Arabidopsis Lighting System
Maximize your floor space with
a mobile double-decker
ArabiSun SUN-24 lighting system
(shown above).  It works great, looks
good, and is built to last.
Our ArabiSun cat. no. SUN-24 (at left) features two ArabiSun lighting arrays mounted double decker style.   The SUN-24 is ideal where you need to grow more plants using less floor space.  
  • Same basic features of SUN-12
  • Mobile
  • Twice the growing space
  • Dimensions (46 W x 53.5 D x 220 H (cm)
  • Capacity - 360 individual ArabiPatch pots (pool 3 plants per pot and that's 1,080 plants per cycle or 4,320 plants per year!)

The SUN-24 has all the same basic features of the SUN-12 except it has twice the growing space.  Like the SUN-12, the SUN-24 is mobile for the ultimate flexibility.   The upper light array plugs into a handy receptacle on the lower array, so only one wall outlet is used to power both arrays.  The SUN-24 is sans the white melamine top due to its height as shown at left.  If you ever want to retrofit your SUN-24 unit into two SUN-12 units, we have a kit (cat. no. SUN-24K).

So, are you embarrassed to tell your colleagues that you entrust your research program to a rickety homemade lighting system of shop lights?  Or are you sure that you don't want to spend another $15,000 of your budget for a fancy growth chamber just to grow-out your transformants?  And are you absolutely sure that you have less lab space than you really need? If  you answered yes to these questions, then you are ready to step up to the convenience, flexibility, power and Texas good looks of the LEHLE SEEDS ArabiSun.  Believe us, your plants will be the first to thank you!

Fig. 1 Comparison of PPF of ArabiSun with conventional fluorescent lighting
Figure 1. Comparison of Photosynthetic Photon Flux (PPF) of ArabiSun lighting system and a conventional bank of six 48 inch 40-watt wide-spectrum fluorescent plant growth bulbs at a distance of 23 cm. Intensity for ArabiSun is given for all bulbs turned on (4/4 banks on) or when alternate rows of the array were turned off (2/4 banks on).

Note: The 26W bulb has been upgraded to a 27W bulbs which gives a slightly better PPF performance.
Note - House plants require 30 - 200 µmol m-2 s-1 for good growth. Arabidopsis requires 100 - 150 µmol m-2 s-1 for good growth and seed production. Leafy crop plants (e.g. lettuce and basil) require 200 - 400 µmol m-2 s-1 for good growth. Tomatoes and other fruit crops require 400 - 1,000 µmol m-2 s-1 for good growth. Full sunlight at noon in central U.S. in July is about 2,000 µmol m-2 s-1.
Cat. No. Description Price, $
SUN-12 12-bulb ArabiSun cart lighting system with 27W bulbs and reflectors 1,467.00
SUN-12EX Kit to convert a SUN-12 to a SUN-24


SUN-05C Replacement bulb 6500 K, 15K hrs, w/out reflector


SUN-05R Replacement reflector (fits all previous models)


SUN-24 24-bulb ArabiSun + cart & storage basket, 312 watt, 120 volt ac 2,396.00
SUN-24K Kit to convert single SUN-24 into two SUN-12 units


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