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Title: Methods in Molecular Biology 

Image of cover of Arabidopsis Protocols Second Edition

Julio Salinas and Josť J. Sanchez-Serrano

Methods in Molecular Biology 

Humana Press 

Second Edition
(March 30, 2006)
ISBN: 1-58829-395-5

Hard cover ,
Dimensions: 102 x 7.2 x 10.0 inches,
469 pages

Part I. Growing Arabidopsis. Growth of plants and preservation of seeds. Prevention and control of pests and diseases. Growth of other species related to Arabidopsis thaliana. Grafting. Synchronisation, transformation and cryopreservation of suspension cultured cells.
Part II. Genetic Anbalysis. Genetic analysis. QTL Analysis. EMS mutagenesis of Arabidopsis. Low resolution mapping of untagged mutations. Gene identification an cloning by molecular marker mapping. High-throughput TILLING for Arabidopsis. Genotyping and mapping with high density oligonucleotides arrays. Forward genetic screening of insertional mutants. PCR-based screening for insertional mutants. Cytogenetic analysis of Arabidopsis. Using information from public Arabidopsis databases to aid research. 
Part III. Transient and Stable Transformation.
In planta Agrobacterium mediated transformation by vacuum infiltration. Transient expression assay by agroinfiltration of leaves. Functional analysis of transcription factors by microparticle bombarment. Transfection assays with protoplasts containing integrated reporter genes. Chloroplast genetic engineering via organogenesis or somatic embryogenesis. b-glucuronidase as reporter gene: advantages and limitations. Use of fluorescent proteins as reporters. Luciferases as reporter genes. Aqueorin as reporter gene. Applications of chemical-inducible expression systems in functional genomics and biotechnology.
Part IV. Transcriptomics. RNA extraction Target preparation for DNA microarray hybridizaiton. Statistical issues in microarray data analysis. Preparation and quality assessment of RNA from cell-specific samples obtained by laser microdissection.
Part V. Proteomics. Protein isolation and 2-D electrophoretic separation. Isolation of nuclear proteins. Purification and fractionation of mebranes for proteomic analysis. Protein microsequencing. Peptide-based phosphoproteomics with immobilized metal ion chromatography (IMAC). 
Part VI. Metabolomics.  Metabolite profiling in Arabidopsis. Hormone profiling in Arabidopsis.

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